Bloggers Unite:World Kindness Day

I was coming from college the other day,tired and hungry,perhaps even angry.The calculus had drilled me.On the corner after passing the gates always stays a beggar,a lady.She is always there everyday of the week.I don't remember ever giving her anything.I always thought deep down that 'beggars' have to find something productive to do rater than depending on alms.

On this day i was with a friend of mine.The lady called out to us to give her something,i don't remember looking at her.I just passed.we had walked past her a few paces when ,when my friend turned back,walked right back and gave the lady some guineas(Egyptian pounds)i didn't see exactly how much it was.The act itself,moved me.i felt a bit embarrassed ,i must say.The lady was very glad.she muttered some tings in Arabic,i'm not so good at it but i guess she was calling some benediction form Above for my good friend.

I learn t that its good once in a while to stretch our souls by doing acts o kindness for others.i know we all gt our problem and issues but once in a while lets brighten the faces of those whom fate has dealt an even harder blow.

Tomorrow is the world kindness day,do something for someone who wont pay you back,a random act of kindness.We need each other in this universe of ours and lets help the unfortunate.Look for opportunity to help,especially people around you


Sinthalunda said...

Happy kindness day. I have linked my post to yours.

Lawrence's Ride said...

you 2..hope ur doing great..

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