Intra Alexandria Transport: Taxi

Alexandria is a fascinating city.Its bursting and full of action.lots of interesting places,historical sites ,the biggest library in the world Blah blah Blah.One of the other fascinating things is the taxis operating within Alex.there lots of cabs,depending on your pocket.But the most common and the cheapest is the one i'm talking about.

A typical Alexandria Taxi:yellow and black coloured

While Cairo's taxis are black and white , those in Alex are yellow and black as you have already seen.within the boundary of Alex it may cost at least below LE 20 ($4).If beyond that,you have been ripped off!

Talking of ripping offs,Egyptian Taxi drivers will take advantage of any unknowing foreigner and overcharge you.One of my friends paid LE.50($10) when we just came!

So just know the fares and persist on your offer.Most taxi drivers have no fixed price and will take your offer or a bargain.after all fuel is so cheap that most common taxis have disabled the price per mileage detector(whatever you call it).A litre is A LE 1 an embarrassing 1/5 of A US dollar.

One more thing ,its better to have someone write the address you are going to,assuming you don't know Arabic.if you don't know,most drivers here wont tell you that they don't know where you are going.So they will take you round and round and double the price on you.It has happened to many people i know.

But the cabs are great so if you happen to be Alexandria,get one and see the experience.You have to be quite of course coz most drivers don't speak English ,and if they do it will be funny enough,that you will remember it after a long time.

Taxi Vocabulary

Be kam -(how much)--say this and and mention the place or hand in the note with the address
Hena -here(if you want to get out,after arriving)
Alagamber osama-(Let me out here)
Shoukran -(thank you)


Anonymous said...

You came to me. I have come to read you again. Your pictures tell many stories. Hi!

Lawrence's Ride:Uncensored said...

thx man..i just try to get some intersting pics and stories tht interest where do u live and watt do u do in malawi?

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