Kudos: Egypt & Malawi

Yesterday was a great day for my country (Malawi) and my host country (Egypt).It was historic days for both.Malawi, after waiting for 25years; finally go to African cup of nations in Angola while Egypt, against all odds scored the two necessary goals to earn a rematch with Algeria to fight for a slot for Angola next year. Egypt played a truly fantastic game against Algeria, and their talisman, Aboutreka lived up to his reputation and claimed the saving goals, 4 minutes into the extra time.The nations probable next president Gamal was there too and jumped with joy when Aboutraka scored

There were wild celebrations in the street of Alexandria. Check out some pics.:

Besieged main road

Gottta dance

fire works!

March of hope

Excited fans

I heard there were similar celebrations; maybe worse, in Blantyre, Lilongwe, Mzuzu and many parts of the Warm Heart of Africa (Malawi).I was excited too for such an opportunity.

A word to my country men though; we actually qualified coz of the win of 3-0win of ivory over Guinea, which denied Guinea from claiming the remaining. So we have to work hard and prepare thoroughly so that we won't be embarrassed in Angola. I believe in the Flames! Yes we can!

As for Egypt Wednesday will be D day for you. I wish you guys all the best. But whatever happens, Zanu coz ife tadutsa!!

Thank God, Thank the Flames Team And thanks to the beautiful people of the Great Nation of MALAWI.

~Im Lawrence Kwalimba & i approve of this message~


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