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The great apologetic Ravi Zacharias in one of his books quotes this quote by Dr Minirth and his colleague in their Book Happiness Is A choice..I find it intriguing and yet also a warning to every one who may deliberately or unknowingly take the character of the the person under discussion .Take your time to read this coz it will enrich Your mind.

"Out of all the various personality types in our culture, there is one type that is more likely than any other to get depressed at some time in life. That type is the "nice guy"--the person who is self-sacrificing, overly conscientious, over-dutiful, hard-working, and frequently quite religious. Psychiatrists call this type the obsessive-compulsive personality.

Most lay persons call him a perfectionist, or a "workaholic", or even a dedicated servant.... Many find this quite surprising.... But those who have made a study of the depth of unconscious human dynamics realize that is really quite fair. ...Those dedicated servants who get depressed have as many struggles with personal selfishness as the parasite on welfare, he is out in society serving humanity at a work pace of eighty to a hundred hours a week, he is selfishly ignoring his wife and children. ...In his own eyes, and in the eyes of society, he is the epitome of human dedication... while his wife suffers from loneliness...and his sons...eventually commit suicide. ...He becomes angry when his wife and children place demands on him.

He can't understand how they could have the nerve to call such an unselfish, dedicated servant a selfish husband and father. ...In reality, his wife and children are correct, and they are suffering severely because of this subtle selfishness. This is precisely the reason why so many of the children of pastors, missionaries, and doctors turn out to be rebellious."

- Frank B. Minirth an Paul D. Meier, Happiness Is a Choice (Grand Rapids, Mich.: Baker, 1994). 13

Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.
~Henry David Thoreau~

Food For thought:

"I hope you pursue the fulfillment of all your drams and live to fullest rather than agree with fate and play"impostor".Sing your "song"and live your life to the fullest,making sure that you are content and happy before you embark on saving the world"


Anonymous said...

Lord Have Mercy!

Anonymous said...

"This is precisely the reason why so many of the children of pastors, missionaries, and doctors turn out to be rebellious."

And teacher's children. But this is what patriarchy does...Father figures are hard masters.

Lawrence's Ride said...

pastors children especially are very rebelius..i guess this article nails it.teachers children? not sure,but i guess if the parents are buy and neglect kids,the kids always become rebelius...anyway i liked this book...its really challenging..gud day

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