To Whom It May Concern

No post today.I run out of inspiration.ha ha ha..what ever.I would like to thank so many of you guys from this fantastic universe who have visited my blog.Guys from the States, UK, Malawi and so many other  places.I really appreciate your readership.

You know what? i  need you..i'm actually looking for some people to be co-authers and guest authors for my blog.I want guys from  whatever country to join me.

What are the qualications?,you may ask

1.You have to be Human
2.Have a functioning brain
3.Have to be a poor speller
4.Have not been to Harvard
5.Have a story to tell
6.Age doesn't matter

If you are interested,im not joking,leave a comment on this blog.Leave your address or your facebook user name to add you or add me on facebook .(Lawrence white Kwalimba) and send me a message for  me to know its you
Waiting for YOU


Lawrence's Ride said...

I'm serious!

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