The Short List to The Goood Life

Jim Rohn, a considers him a success guru for me,and a life coach.I have a number of his books and find them really helpful.Check out his check list of a good life:

-Do something with your life.The good living blokes have something to do.A career in something that really turns you on.
2.Good friends
-A personal cheer leading crew will be of help in hard and good times.The good life requires you have friends from the 5 different levels of friendship
-Faith for everyday living.The faith keep you going when hope is all you got.
4.Dont miss anything
-Maximize the fun and the learning.Above all ,get all you can,a good balance of fun and work.
5.Great inner circle
-Keep close confidant and personal inner circle to critic and encourage you. Select the inner circle brutally.
6.Ask for God'd help
-Admit you are not God,and could use God's help
I'm Lawrence kwalimba,i approve of this List!


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