Levels Of Friendship

Ever wondered what can be the levels of frienship?well my mesho kind of asked me this two,so i teamed up with Td Jakes,Jim Rohn,Jeremiah Creedon,and myself.These are the levels...:

To succeed in life we really have to relate in so many dimesnions,coz we associate with so many people,and get calling them friends,which is good.The trouble is if one doesnt know the levels ,especillay if you are broken,you are likely to get in trouble,even confused with your friendship.
To make it big,you cant afford just to hang out with pipo who are like you only.Not just pipo who are saved like you,talk like you, and do like you.

So to save your life This is for you!

1.Level one: Confidants
These are the fewest kind of friends.In your whole life you may have less than five confidants,if more..the rest will join your list of great enemies.
Who are these people?....these are pipo who love you unconditionally.These guys are Into YOU,period!
they are into you when up or down ,right or wrong,broke or rich....making it or screwing up.These are friends you can share ANYTHING with.you will never really succeed until you find your confidants.You need these to make to the next level.They will confront you,get in your face when necessary,and tell you are Wrong.They may annoy you but you know they have nothing but your INTEREST at heart.
David and jonathan would qualify,maybe Tigerwoods and Roger Federer seems to be too.
These guys have nothing to DIG from you.Do you have any of these?examine your company and check out.The problem with most pipo is that everyone they hangout with is under them,and want something from them...Start looking for your confidants..God help you!

2.Level two:Comrades
These guys are really not into YOU.They are also not in for what youare for.Most of them are just aginst what you are against.The only demoninator between you,is the common enemy or challenge.They will tyeam up with you,fight along side you,so long as your common enemy is still standing:classmates,Religi
ous club memebers,et all belong to this group.
Expect this type to leave as soon as : (a)the enemy /challenge is defeated (b)the enemy has defeated you...They simply come for a purpose,ad when its done,expect them to leave,no hartd feelings coz they werent into YOU in the first place.Dont tell them your dreams,coz they may not be of any encouragement,they may discourage you or worse,still your dream!
3.Level three : Constituents
These guys are not into YOU.They are into what you are FORonly.As long as you are in what they into,they will stay with you.But remember they are not into YOu.If they see someone who is for what you are for,they will leve you and go for the person.If you are broken and trying to hold on to everyone,these willbreak you more.The leave coz they got to....

If you tell your dream to:
level 1:they will support you relentlessly and help you make it
level2.they wont support you coz they arent into YOU or What your are for..So your dreams cant be carried by them.
level3:they willtry to fulfil the dream without you

4.Level four:The Best Friend:
These are supposed to be confidants.But sometimes they are not.This scenario is like marrying a witch!Then you need to practice limited association or kick them out.Jeremiah Creedon,describes them as;" A best friend listens but never judges, helps you out of a jam, tells it to you straight, and often forgives a debt. Best friends resemble invisible friends in that both are most common in childhood (and may not really exist)."

5.Level five :Old Friends
These are guys you USED to know.these are guys you used to understand.You cant assume you still know them.Some of them have become better and may move into Confidant,others become enemies,whilst others just change in ways you cant handle,so you become indifferent to them.Watch out for these guys.You cant assume you still knwo them...you cant assume they still believe,love,like or enjoy what they USED to like ,do or enjoy.
Hey guys ,check out these friends for you and evaluate.Its important to assign right time to the right people,and God willing avoid mistaking the categories at your own peril.
I'm Lawrence kwalimba,I approve of this Post!


Anonymous said...

Thi is great! Let me have one confidant. Llo.

Sinthalunda said...

This is great! Let me have one confidant. I would like you to visit my blog: I am a Malawi blogger also. Llo.

Lawrence's Ride:Uncensored said...

thx man..u have a hot blog going too!...i will join you.

Anonymous said...

This is very nice lawrence, but it would be nicer if you had given credit to the original thoughts of others also.

have you heard of T.D. Jakes? Google him and confidants, constituents, and comrades...

I am not sure that this isn't in other's teachings even predating TDJ but it is quite reasonable to assume that this categorization is not new.

keep up the good work of spreading "the word"!

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