Egypt delight:Mount Sinai

when i heard there was a trip to go to Mount Sinai ,i was elated.Come to think of it:How could it feel to stand approximately where moses ever stood?where he went so often and so long that once he stayed 40 days!A holy place for sure ,even anzathu azikofiya also call it holy since they also revere moses,whatever.

The trip was exhausting,eight hours of trvel in a hot egyptian summer day.I slept ,woke up and slept again.Lucky for me,we had some stopovers to buy snacks.The journey,was also not that bad;i was the suez canal as we passed under it,and saw the red sea on our way too.

we arrrived around 3 am in the morning.Ironically,it was chilly.i had not brought a sweater with me to my woe.Anyways,here we were,the excitement pushed out the cold.
I thought we would wwait till morning but i learnt that catching sunrise on top of sinai,is a moment of magic,that one can carry with himself for a lifetime.So soon after lighting off the bus ,the climb began.Frankly ,i thought it would just be a short climb,an hour ,so i estimated.

the climb proved me other wise.The paths up this mount was so meandering,made to avoid the steep climb,almost like the path of the Empire Builder train.Up and up we went ,no sight of the prize.the stony path ,and the little darkness,made the climb even daunting.worse still as i climbed,i could see the psth to be taken ,onthe upper steep,a converse of what you see in Chikwawa Road.I rested,as i realized i had underestimated the climb.My muscles ached,how on earth did moses climb up here.Surely angels had to carry him or that old bird may never have made it,or maaybe he was so strong.At some point ,i contaplated going back,but i had mad half way,anyway...either way was relatively the same.I resolved to go on,after all i had so ooked forward to this.Worse still how would you feel if you heard i had quit.I cant quit!i told myself.

Lifting one leg after another ,the journey continued.Surviving this voluntary punishment.The neare i got to the top,the steeper it got.more stony and menacing.I had nothing to lose,since i had no other options.The aching continued,and sweat.

Almost two & hours later,i was on the top.Great,i felt.Finally i had made it.We had missed the sun set!So this was it?The place.From here i could see the whole sinai vista with ease.But then there were other peaks like the one i stood.How sure are they that on this peak,not the other one,was where moses stood?I mean,there were at least four peaks around us.Or was it for tourism that one had to decide a place for tourist to converge?There was an ancient temple built by the orthodox church,centuraries ago,so it must be the right place...may be how can i be sure that they may have made an error too.Nonetheless here i was,i told the cynic in me to go to hell.On the opposite of the orthodox church was a mosque,zinazi!hmm.

The panorama was bliss.i took lots of photos but i took some reflecting the serenity of the place.remeber here,lightning and fire was seen,as people came to hear God.I took some photos and made a wish and cast a long of rememberance down the precipitious terrain.Of my wish,i shall not say.Its my own.Arab business savvy was maximized on top.Lots of traders were selling so relatively precious stones.I bught two stones of Alabastar from one trader.
We met lots of people,azungu zimaapita!!we found lots of whites ,and others.One particular man striked me:he was in almost a priestly garb ,i suppose,he and his family were praying.We also meet some South Koreans chrsitians ,on the pountain top.They sat down and shared scripture and prayed openely on the holy site.i was impressed by their fervent faith.then they sang and departed,they had slept on the 'mountain of God'

What can i say,as we went up ,so we must have to go down.I dreaded the thought.But it was a must,as itis said"what cant be cured but be patiently endure".The journey down was rough just as up.I passed one lady cry,she had developed a muscle cramp,and her friend were massaging her muscles.Tired myself,it was not time for chilvary.I dragged myself all the way down.My lethrgy was so abvious.The sun was up and stinging.I passed lots of camels on the way down.These beasts of burden are really something.

I got down and was happy.It hard but had been good for me.I had the priviledge of seeing Sinai with my own eyes.And that was worthy it.Would i do it again?......ask me when there is another trip,untill then ...i dont know



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