Egypt Delight:Mediterenean Sea

The Sea And me

I love living in Alexandria,its historical,beautiful ,and most of all ,the sea.I am not a fantastic swimmer,but i'm good enough to enjoy the water.The sea is about a 5 minute walk from our flat ,so i like going swimming regularly,some weeks ,daily.I love swimming in the sea because its a good morning exercise and it helps me relax.From my own observation i feel good after swimming:calm and relaxed.

The first day swimming in the sea wasn't that great.I didn't like the salty water anyway.But as i have been going ,i kind of gotten used to it now.Having swam in the Red sea,i can tell you that the water in the Mediterranean sea is less salty,maybe by a ratio of 1:2 .I don't get dehydrated like when i swam in the Red Sea.

Well,i went swimming today with my Nigerian roommate,we had a great time.Here are some of pics.

Mediterenean Sea Pics:


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wow!!nice panorama

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