Egypt delight: Red Sea

This summer i had an opportunity to visit Mount Sinai.It was great to see and stand where Mosses is supposed to have stood.It was heck of a climb.All my muscles ached as had this two-hour exhausting climb.But it was worthy it though.

On the way back i had an oportunity to see and swim in the Red Sea .A mile after passing the suez canal,i guess.A free beach.I entered the water.Im sorry folks,the water was not Red.It was as blue as ever.Maybe this part is not the Red Sea!It was the saltest water i have ever been in.The Red Sea is so shallow.I could walk four miles in it but they water could not go beyond my waist.Its so shallow that im convinced that i could swim to the middle of the sea.I wondered where inthe world did moses part this vast sea.So huge is the sea that i cant estimate it.(I got some pics,see above).

After an hour of swimming in the Red Sea ,salty water entering my eyes and nose.My body was covered by a thin layer of salt.I felt very dehydrated,a slight headache, my nose ached.I got a little splash of fresh water that was in the the bus.That made feel alot better.

Im glad that i got to see such a wonderful feature of nature and so embrolled in the History of the world and World Religions.

To Be contined...........


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