Zina ukaona:Ramadan Fight

You probably know that anzathu azikofiya nayamba ramadan.A period of great spiritual concetration and purification.Well since sindine mmodzi wa iwo i just felt the mood of the season in other arenas.The Shops are opened late,if at all.Those along the sea,lucky for me,are always opened because of tourists and christians.

A funny thing happened to day.I was busy watching wrestling when my room mate called me to come and see something.He was looking down from our tenth floor to the road of our street.I came over and watched a every fierce fight.A man,a ndevu ngati a sheik ,was fighting another man,who from my deductions seems to be an itinerant diesel trader.A group of other people were trying to break the fight.there was a big commotion,almost everyone was watching the fight from their floor.

It was funny that during a supposedly holy period i could watch such an event.Talk of njala yawo the whole day!!

I took some photos odf the eventr from the tenth floor using my mp5 player...its not so clear..the itenerant trader was in the yellow truck if you look clearly on the pic..


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