Gotcha!:My Letter To *....................*

Dear  you,
 It’s been long since we talked. Things have been great lately. I see you have gotten lots of toys.
 The boys with the most toys win, I hope they are right..Anyways toys come and go and in a year or two they maybe the obsolete as silicon valley, India and china invent their way into much better  toys or rather the pimping of the good  old toys.

Are doing as great within, dear friend or are you faking it all through?. Playing impostor and  praying no one finds out. I guess you may not admit anything but I will go ahead and make a fool of myself. Here is my advice, listen carefully because no one may be this honest with you.

First lets bury the shadows. You seem not have a great time immediately before this season. Lots of things you would rather forget have happened and you have somehow shoved them down in the basement, hoping they wont pop out now and then. I would advise you to face them head on and for ever move on. Take each and everyone of the events and analyze them. Accept the part you contributed, and rectify them, if possible or at least admit your part. Then accept the fact that some things are not repairable, thus must be forgiven and forgotten. Allow fate or god to be the one to keep score over them. Now live and let live, let sleeping dogs lie.

Second, I see you still the same you, always running from making commitments, always  on the move. I suggest you allow yourself to take chances and give a try to this ‘domestication’. it isn’t as bad a s you think. It is even healthier coz of the stability it gives. Its time you let the probability of being broken loom around you. I know your strong but being a little vulnerable isnt at all sissy, its rather a sign of strength and maturity.
So i hope you give a try for the  love of  God!. Ships are safe on the harbor but they weren’t built to stay. Its the storms, the winds and the long days at sea that toughen the ship and the crew.

Lastly, I hope you keep up the good work on the books. keep it up and be very competitive and edgy, I  would advise you to put all your heart in it and get the best you can coz your are extraordinarily talented we all know it. Take the long hours and do everything that must be  done should be done in time.

I would have loved that i take you out to lunch at some place and talk this thru but you are so elusive,that it cant be arranged.I poke into your business and  annoy you coz I care.

I wish you all the best.

Your sincerely,
Generalized other


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