Congrats:Bingu et al.....

Starting my holiday anyways.Well i would like to extend some kudos to some fine improvement i have noted recently.First, kudos to His excellency  Ngwazi Dr.bingu wamutharika for becoming the chairman of African Union.Its an honor not just to him,but to the great nation of Malawi.Wena amafuna akakamire,zawo!..kikiki...

Second,  Zodiak has replaced its mediocre web page with an ass-kicking one.It really looks great.Go see it!.The only problem is that the live-streaming is still failing.I hope they cancel their contract with this new raadio provider and get another one better ,like the old days with Live365.TVM also has a good web page,what is lacking there is live streaming,I hope one day we will watch live streaming of TVM online also.

I also would like to congratulate the my host,the Pharaohs of  Egypt for taking  the  AFCON  for  record the third time.By the way im not from Ghana,so next time you see me, don't confuse me for Ghananian..kikiki.


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