Santa Is In Town!

Its xmas!.....briiiiii...Hope your on for the great season of fan,love and spirituality.So i am wishing every one , a good time during this festive moments.Do something crazy.One of my fantasies,is to have xmas  celebration on the  the statue of liberty in NY,i cant die without having this!..kikiki...whatever  fantasies you have let them come to pass this xmas...Get ready it gonna be raining bubblegums like in Bed Time Stories.Coz trust,a literal santa is in town!

My Shout outs  to ALL  my friends  (real or imagined) wherever you are,my sister Chicco,Mwayi,Faith,my brother Happy and the most fabulous mum i know.... Wish you guys a great Xmas,2 bad i wont be home.


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