The Lone Resolution

Just one new year resolution for me,the rest are last years' that i never followed through .Thus unlike you, i have carry-over resolutions! So instead of long lists of things i may never do,i have one thing that i can do that  will eventually create a list of things done,at the end of this year.Here it is:
1). I won't do just my best,i will  do what is required. I will be an Extra Miler
-In my xul stuff,my personal life,relationship and everything in between i want to be an extra miler.I will pay my dues to get what i deserve,no thing less,and nothing more.
'So Help me God!'
Happy  new year everyone!!


Anonymous said...

its more than seemz..

Anonymous said...

Happy 2010 Lawrence...reach tha extra mile,

Lawrence's Ride said...

thx man..may ur dreamz 2 come true

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