Revisiting Malirana

It's been long I guess, since I was back to good old High school of Mtendere, deep down Malirana in Dedza.I got lots of memories from them days. Most are generally good others actually outright hilarious!
One of the funny things was a sleep talking in the dorms. I lived in Shire house, I guess the most unruly House. There was a pattern I observed among perennial sleep talkers. All of us may sleep talk once in a while under special circumstances, but of these you can stay up late and you will surely record a funny sound. A person has to have at least 2 to 3 of these qualities (These are personal observation only)

1)      They are usually quiet people.
2)      Generally nice guys
3)      Mostly loners, or at least  reserved guys
4)      Generally religious
One  guy in particular, for the sake of himself and those who may know him I shall leave him unnamed but he lived  Shire 23 ,and later moved to Baghdad(this is for the initiated only).this guy was an eloquent  sleep talker. He was so talkative in sleep! He went on and on rumblings in very coherent Chichewa.

His all times great talk was one Thursday night. The tyranny of boarding school ,had already been in force; the lights  were off ,the dorm was quite except for some low chattering ,or  in-bracket chewing of   roasted maize!..Hahahaha...then our great friend began his all time talks. Starting with some little rumbling in a rather fast talk, and climaxed with an all time quote that has since haunted him. He exclaimed "Ndigula chigayo!"(I will buy a maize mill!) Then he went silent only to repeat "Ndigula chigayo!"
Everyone was stunned, and then a large roar of laughter followed. It was a night of laughter and a nightmare from then on for our good friend. It was always a punch line and an argument ender for him if anyone used it against him.

I guess I remembers this coz my roommate occasionally sleep talks. I have also been accused to do so. We are just not that perennial. I guess it's being far from home, some nostalgia and great memories.
Don’t mind me, I'm just reminiscing. Hope you look back too. We got so many things to be grateful for.


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