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If  you are like me,i have been facing problems streaming Zodiak Radio.For some of you familiar with my blog,i had a widget of it and made quite a easy listen.So i took it up with them ,with my surrogate of coz..Check out  our correspondence

--- On Wed, 12/2/09, zodiakmalawi@mail.com <zodiakmalawi@mail.com> wrote:

From: zodiakmalawi@mail.com <zodiakmalawi@mail.com>
Subject: Re: Live 365
To: jimmyfranklinwhite@yahoo.com
Date: Wednesday, December 2, 2009, 10:21 PM

Dear Lawrence Kwalimba,
Hope all is good with you. Well, about live365.com, we have terminated our contract and that if you want to access our online radio, please, visit our website http://www.zodiakmalawi.com and you can listen to our live radio from there. We have done this to recuce costs which were going as high as
$5,108.51 per month.
We hope you will not have any problems.
Best Regards,
IT Officer

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From: lawrence kwalimba <jimmyfranklinwhite@yahoo.com>
To: zodiakmalawi@mail.com
Sent: Tue, Dec 1, 2009 4:57 pm
Subject: Live 365

Dear Sir /Madam
I'm a malawian in diaspora,and love listening to Zodiak.Recently i can not find it in the Live 365,and the one on your page is not working.I hope you fix the problem because zodiak is the only dependable,neutral source of news for me and many of us.
Your Sincerely
Lawrence Kwalimba


Clement said...

The Live radio on http://www.zodiakmalawi.com is not good at all. It plays on once in a while. To put it in other words, it's full of blackouts just like ESCOM.

Lawrence's Ride said...

its true man..thts why i tried to talk to them...they have to fix it..wen it was at live 365..i could listen with ease and no streaming problems...nice to hear from you bro

Anonymous said...

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Mymato said...

Dear Sir/Madam,
Its sad news for the people of Mzuzu the transport that they used to pay have been raised by 100%.How are they going to survive for the coming years.We need to erectify the situation.This is meanly the scarcity of fuel in the country.

Anonymous said...

I am Tenson Billiat, a Malawian, but currently on a personal visit in Taiwan. It's Sunday, 15.05.11 and 21:40hrs here (15:40hrs in Malawi) and I am listening to "ACHINYAMATA LANKHULANI" program live and clearly on Zodiak. Bravo Zodiak. I am feeling like I am home. You think I am lying that I am listening to it? The issue uncer discussion is about AIDS among the youth. Eya! siiyo nyimbo ya Stain Manyowa!!! Ha! ha! ha! Lekeni ndivine chakwathu mwa Ambuye.

My phone numbers in Malawi is 099 9 942 156/ 088 8753 713 and 0212 953 842.

Jamie Peters said...

About two months ago, my best friend introduced me to Palm Beach broadcasting’s 97.9 WRMF and that has been my # 1 radio station ever since. I’m always locked on 97.9 WRMF for the best variety of 80’s, 90’s and today’s music. Check them out www.wrmf.com.

Shalini NR said...

Really Nice to Hear You,Tamils love our Online Tamil FM for its fun and entertainment.

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