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A friend  of mine  Tiwonge Kanyenda , would like your  to be a  delegate  at  One Young World Summit:Read her address to you and take a minute to Vote for her.

I am a Malawian national who is a current sophomore and recipient of the International Student Aid Award at Cornell University (Ithaca, NY). A double major in Nutritional Science and Africana Studies with a minor in Global Health, I am the Director for Social Outreach in COAS (Coalition of Pan African Scholars), Peer Advisor for the College of Arts and Sciences, and an active member of Biology Scholars Program (BSP), Campus Crusade for Christ and International Students Association (ISAA).

Until recently, I have lived all my life in one country i.e. Malawi. As much as it offered the comfort of being within familiar settings and culture, it offered me a single story about life. A story that had similar beliefs, religion, values and culture. It lacked the possibility of challenging my acquired beliefs thus there was no need to think or question why all my teachers in primary school were male or why I was always treated by male doctors. It was a single story of women who had accepted less than they deserved, those who refused to take the challenge to become leaders as their male counterparts.

My acceptance into the United States Achievers Program (USAP Malawi) in 2008 was the beginning of a journey that would redefine the single story I had been made to believe. I realized that I had the power to either be the victim of my circumstances or be the master of them. I was empowered to believe that a better tomorrow begins with me today.

With this new realization of the potential I possessed, I joined an HIV/AIDS youth group (Youth Ambassadors) that provides information on the pandemic to high school students in Malawi. I also became an avid reader on almost all subjects which inspired me to join a book club (Ben Carson Book Club-Malawi) which aims to revive the reading culture among the Malawian youth. Over the past two summers I have volunteered at an Orthopedic Hospital (Beit-Cure International Malawi) where I rose from being the receptionist to a runner in the Operating Theater. I have also tutored high school students in preparation of their national examinations at Jacaranda Foundation (a school for orphans in Blantyre, Malawi).

As I continue to redefine my life story at Cornell, I have had the privilege of working with professors who further inspire me to greater heights. In the summer of 2010; I will have the privilege of working with one of my professors in Tanzania where I will volunteer at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center. My classroom experiences with people from all backgrounds and nationalities have helped me in understanding health, environmental and social issues faced by the world. It is my hope that all these opportunities will give me a chance to share my experiences and redefine someone’s life story.

My participation in the One Young World Conference will be an opportunity to interact with fellow youths who aspire to achieve and make a difference in their communities. It will be an opportunity for me to further redefine my single story and also help those from the various countries to redefine their single stories on particular countries or health, political, economic or social issue of certain countries.

It will be a privilege to interact with young leaders who hope to empower and enrich their communities. I would love to be part of a new decade that promises a world revolution by the youth. I hope you will find me suitable to represent Malawi at the One Young World Summit. Your vote and support will go a long way in fulfilling a “PROMISE TO A BETTER WORLD”.

Tiwonge J Kanyenda
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Thanks for your support...You Rock!


Allan said...

Lovely people let's help our and spread the word, calling other to vote too

Lawrence's Ride said...

yes amwene..tatiyeni tipeze anthu 1000

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