My Prayer:What a Ride

Tommorrow is my birthday.I have been thinkin about everything in the years past.I decided to write a prayer for myself and others.I hope you can relate to some of the things.

Dear Lord,
What a ride! Lord i thank you for the 22 years of drama.I thank you that i have made it through these years in one piece; good health and spirit.I thank you that the years have not been dull or boring.Between them are breathytaking successes,joys and wonders,patched by an equal dose of setbacks ,failures and disappointments.I am glad it was not monotonous,since i easilly fall into boredom.I am so excited that you took me to the best of places and sometimes alligned the stars for me,literally.

I thank you for my great family,friends and .......others). ..,who apart from you, have been a source of great inspiration and encouragement.They celebrated with me in the mountain tops and held me close when i slipped from such stratospheric heights.They believed in me, even when at times i doubted myself.The times i thought it was reasonable to take my head off the clouds an face fact,those stubborn thing,they encouraged me to dream on and dream big.Disregarding pretty sound logic of naysers they still believed that i could be and do more than take the slap of fate,which i believe is a joke.I owe these friends ,and even those who may have left ,as ther storm became dangerous ,but atleast they were there for a season,so i am thankful for them too.My friends in this Land of Wonder,from places i only used to hear in the news,they have also been a solid place of refuge in times of loneliness.

I have failed you lots,it baggs me of how many times i blew it.I ask that you have mercy on me and wash me cleans from many things i did long:at times i thought i could do it alone....i thought i was enough, enough...and could find my way around without your help.Other times i thought you didnt care ,...may be cared less or you were unfair to me.I doubted you.,I sinned and everything in between.I got no excuses,Forgive me. There are people i have hurt,disappointed and stuff like them forgive me.One more thing:under siege every i built up walls to weather the storm.The storm has been long over for me,help me bring down these walls!

I Screwed up lots of opportunities you gave me,and iam glad that you really kept the doors of heaven open for me.And many times you incorporated my frails into other new plans you have for me.I am grateful for the opportunities i have and hope you will open other doors for me..i got lots of friends in my life who need open doors Lord,open doors for them too along side mine.

In the words of your servant mike yacconelli, "If I died right this minute, I would be able to say, 'God, what a ride! What a ride! " has been a roller coaster 22 years ride for me.There are times i fell of the Carrier.I yelled at you a coupe of times through the pot holes and bumps,remember?.At times i thought you lost the map for my destiny . But What a ride!!! Im sure has been worth everything in it!

In the Name Of your Son I Pray..

P.s : I really love you lots though i fail you lots too .Help me follow you better


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